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“ Thainakarin…..The hospital you can trust.”

          Thainakarin Hospital has earned trust and respect from the general public since the early

establishment. The success in excellent care comes from the world class quality in health care,

warm hospitality that treats everyone like family, affordable price, effective and transparent

management, and positive attitude staff.    


      1. To develop personnel competency, satisfaction and pride in the hospital. 

      2. To elevate the health care quality to the world class standard.  

      3. To progressively proceed with continuous and sustainable development of the hospital. 

      4. To achieve the best hospitality with a warm and family-like treatment that creates

          lasting impressions.  

      5. To manage with principles of good governance.

Core Values

      T   -  Teamwork and Staff values

      N   -  Non-stop learning and Improvement

      H   -  Hospitality and quality care