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Clinics and Medical Centers

Brain and Neurology Center

Brain and nervous system Thainakarin Hospital We are well prepared for stroke patients. By a multidisciplinary team Specialized in the nervous system and brain. Neurosurgery team Brain specialists, palsy paralysis, nursing staff, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychotherapists, pharmacists, standardized and well-equipped medical devices, and facilities for service providers. Also educate relatives patients. When patients can return to home treatment It aims to be the most effective.

Thainakarin Heart Center

Provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and diagnostic services from initial diagnosis. The diagnosis and care of the heart thoroughly. Specialized Cardiac Device Surgery Follow up In the cardiac ward of heart patients. As well as cardiovascular rehabilitation. By a team of cardiologists. A team of cardiac surgeons and experienced nurses specialized in the care of cardiac patients. Including 24-hour emergency heart support.

Bone & Joint Center

Center of Orthopedic Care for your bones, joints and muscles. By a team of specialized doctors. With a team of experienced technicians and advanced technology. Especially surgery through camera. Instead of surgery. Open wide wounds in patients with osteoporosis. To provide accurate diagnosis and treatment. After surgery Less pain. Recovery is faster Counts And modern technology. The results can be seen clearly. In no time.


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